Mykonos & Watercolor: an Actual Wedding

I just got the most delicious photos back from a client who wishes to remain anonymous (hence the lack of people in the photos she sent). I just love how secluded this whole wedding feels. Can we talk about those views!?

The florals are so lush and the photos just drip with greenery. Petar Jurica Photography did a perfect job of capturing the mood of their wedding. I basically want to crawl into his photos and never leave. The stationery I did for this wedding had me itching to go to Greece so badly. 

Just wait until you see the tee pee they had out on the beach. I never want to camp in a regular tent again. 

Destination Wedding Boats Water Beach Greece Dinner Kings Table

Palms Wedding Fronds Greenery Place Setting Plants Overgrown Nature Wedding Greek Islands

Dinner Wedding Secret Garden Greece Menu Place Setting Flowers Plants Greenery

Tee Pee Beach Night Lit Up Drapes Palms Wedding Mykonos Greece Sand

Table Number Alternatives Aphrodite Greek Goddess Bougainvillea Watercolor Brush Lettering

So now that you've seen their wedding, take a peek at the custom stationery I hand painted and lettered for their Greek wedding!

The first image is one of their 37 table 'numbers'. They were each hand painted & named after their favorite Greek Gods & Goddesses. I love when people use alternative ways of marking their tables instead of just numbers! They were all adorned with classic bougainvillea flowers found all over the Cyclades in the Greek Islands!

Next there's an image with their dinner menu with classic blue Greek shutters! I loved that detail! Next to it is the note for their guests that was printed on the back of their maps. 

Menu Wedding Calligraphy Watercolor Bougainvillea Greek Blue Shutters Brush Lettering Flowers

Greek Wedding Map Hand Painted Illustrated Calligraphy Destination

Watercolor & calligraphy wedding maps are great additions to guests' welcome baskets- especially for destination weddings! They're one of my favorite items to make, and I do them completely by hand. This is harder to do than tracing them, but that's how I keep the line work looking like it's got movement behind my strokes.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at their suite! I love being able to show you photos from a real Pigment & Parchment wedding! Mykonos sure made a gorgeous destination wedding spot, am I right?!