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Hi Loves,

My name is Rosaura Unangst & I am the artist solely running Pigment & Parchment.

For a decade now, I have intentionally kept this a boutique business because money isn't what motivates me. I'm a sentimental old soul.

Creating connection & commemorating experiences by drenching them in color is what fuels my heart.

Weddings & other milestone events are the glue that binds our chosen family  together. We are social beings who need each other- if these Covid years have taught us anything, it's that.

I have shifted my main focus from stationery to live painting at events because of some major shifts in my life once I embraced my queer identity & full self last year.

Choosing optimism by declaring your love for & commitment to another person is a radical act of hope. I find exhilarating joy in capturing this moment with my paint & paper as a part of your community at your event. 

It's like catching lightning in a bottle. 

It's pure magic.

These moments of supreme togetherness deserve to be captured & treasured. Being a witness to your special day & engaging with your loved ones with a paintbrush in hand is an absolute honor. I've been practicing skills for this since I was three, I mean it when I say it's an honor.

So, while I am still taking on a few custom stationery clients a year, I am pivoting my energy towards slowing down & painting portraits in real time, in real life. 

The alchemy of making art on site and giving you & your guests a once in a lifetime experience is a calling for me.

My passion is creating artwork for your home that will help you savor just how meaningful these beautiful fleeting moments are.

Rosaura (she/her)



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