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Nothing surprises & delights guests more than having their portrait painted live.

They're always tickled they get to keep their portraits as event favors!


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Endlessly entertaining, these are painted by hand from them sitting with me.

I do not paint from cell phone photos, I just look at them the same way painters of the past have been creating portraits for thousands of years!

These timeless portraits are colorful & fun, yet more refined for your classy event than caricatures. 


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Watercolor is one of the most difficult mediums because there are no re-dos.

I pretty much only get one shot to get it right.

I put on a show entertaining all of your guests, not only the guests getting their portrait done. They all love asking me questions & watching along! 


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I have a pager system so your guests don't have to wait in a long line.

I hand over a pager & buzz them over when it's their turn! 

This way they can keep enjoying the event- keeping your dance floor full & guests happy! 


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They simply take the pager & return when it vibrates & flashes when I'm ready to paint them. 

Couples often like being painted together & we have fun chatting it up! 

For shyer guests, I love painting their pets from photos on their phone. 


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The pet portrait option is a favorite at bar & bat mitzvahs, kids & teens LOVE it!

These favors are perfect for guest entertainment at weddings, corporate events, bar & bat mitzvahs, & pretty much any party imaginable!


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Since newlyweds normally are pulled in a million directions I don't expect them to have time to sit for a portrait. 


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Instead, I will paint your portraits before the event & bring them framed to display on the table with me & it's yours to keep after your wedding!


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Since you'll be busy enjoying your wedding, I take photos (with guests' permission) of guests with their portraits to send you after the wedding! 

If you'd prefer privacy, I also can skip taking any photos on your event's day.


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I bring everything I need including a flashy gold sequined tablecloth (up to you if I use it or not).

All you need to provide is one table (anything 3 feet or larger is perfect) & two to three chairs. 

I keep my set up simple & transportable, no need for a power supply or big set up.

I can be set up anywhere for your event, I have guest portraits on locations from hiking trails to catamarans!


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Portraits take 5-10 minutes per person.

Timing depends on how still, chatty, or inebriated each guest is.

Portrait sizes are 6"x9" for single individuals & 9"x12" for couples & families that prefer to be painted together.


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Both sizes come professionally packaged with clear cello sealed bags with backing boards when finished. 

This keeps the portraits protected from drinks being spilled on them & being dented when put in purses on guests' way home! 



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My philosophy is quality over quantity.

I always prioritize my artwork looking sharp & your guests having a fun time laughing with me.

I will never make guests feel rushed or like I don't want to talk to them. What I love most is genuinely connecting with all your favorite people!

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Every guest likely won't get a portrait unless you have a very small event. But, for the ones that do, it will be an out of the ordinary experience they will never forget.

For those who cannot get a portrait done, they have fun chatting & watching along- often playfully teasing whoever is in the hot seat! 


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Having fun is a Pigment & Parchment company policy I take very seriously.

Your guests experience being memorable & fun is what means the most to me.

All the materials used are archival & made to last past our lifetimes. 

I'm obviously biased, but I don't think you can beat giving your guests an interactive experience that results in fine art for them to pass down to future generations.


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Up to 4 consecutive hours  •  Up to 40 portraits  •  2,500

Up to 6 consecutive hours  •  Up to 60 portraits  •  3,500

Up to 8 consecutive hours  •  Up to 80 portraits  •  4,500

Travel Fee not included.