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These Botanical Seals are all completely hand made with flowers & greenery I grew in my own garden in Sacramento, California.

They're perfect for sealing your wedding invitations, thank you cards, holiday cards, or any other fun pretty mail you send! They can also be used for gift wrap, place cards, escort cards, or jazzing up items in your home like candles & vases! These stickers can be stuck on pretty much any paper, glass, metal, paint, plastic, or wood & will hold permanently (comes off with acetone or Goo Gone).  

Use #BotanicalSeals to show off where you stick these & to search for inspirational ideas from other stationery flower lovers!

Shipping is always free & the cost each goes down when you need a higher volume of seals!

The Botanical Seals come with 3M high performance acrylic adhesive on the back side that is completely clear so you don't see it through the clearer seals.

The adhesive on the back is easy to peel off & holds from negative forty degrees to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit so you don't have to worry about them popping off when mailing due to the weather. 

If you are mailing these, having them hand cancelled is highly recommended. This means going into the post office and having them process them by hand so they don't have to be sorted through their machines. If this is not an option but you still want to play it safe, you can also mail your pretty envelope with the seal inside of a larger envelope to protect it (aka an inner and outer envelope). 

These sets come in a mix of white, clear, & a marbled clear/white combo. If you'd like a set with a specific colorful wax to match your event or specific flowers/leaves request, message ro@pigmentandparchment.com and we can set up a custom order for you.